Wanaka Mountain Guides

Anna, Mount Aspiring Climb

He was extremely professional at all times. He had a quiet confidence that was admirable yet he wasn’t arrogant. He was quick to correctly judge my abilities and let me be challenged just beyond my comfort zone enough to feel accomplishment. I quickly felt that I could trust him. He was obviously very capable and I could see that he was never really struggling to do any moves or in fitness so this encouraged me also. He let me take the lead when he knew I was capable which was great as I was able to feel greater risk and yet know that he was on the ball with belaying. I couldn’t have asked more from a guide – I know that I was perhaps more energetic than some of his clients but he rose to the challenge of keeping me entertained and kept me busy! He also was a really good cook on the Mountain – his meals were nutritious and filling… just what I needed!

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